Production agriculture has experienced dramatic changes due to new product development, shifting consumer demands, market trends, technological developments and niche opportunities differentiating products from commodities. These changes require new thinking and planning to be viable in the future.

  • Food & Livestock Planning, Inc. cultivates agricultural ventures, by offering scientific research, sound business principles and technical support.
  • Increasing the economic worth and consumer appeal of commodity products through value-added agriculture enables Food & Livestock Planning, Inc. to develop food systems assisting livestock producers and other clients
  • Providing industrial support to existing food companies enables Food & Livestock Planning, Inc. to assist producers in participating in the food industry beyond delivering livestock to a terminal market.
  • Food & Livestock Planning, Inc. is dedicated to increasing margins clients receive for their products through investigating entrepreneurial options.

"We develop integrated food systems with innovation and hard work."
Keith DeHaan - Managing Principal

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